Announcing Night Forest

Night Forest Logo
Night Forest is a freeform game you play with your friends at dusk in a forest, or park, or other outdoor space.

In it. we play as memories, wandering the Night Forest in search of each other. Each of us carries a candle, a book of matches, and an illustrated card. Once you are alone. you light your candle, and use the card to inspire a memory, real or imagined. You then continue to wander, moving as that memory might move.
When you find another memory, alone in the Night Forest, you go to them, exchange memories, then exchange cards.
This continues until one by one, we become forgotten, extinguishing our candles, and watching in silence from the dark.

The game will feature a beautiful set of cards illustrated by visionary artist: Mo Golden. In addition to play you will need a candle and book of matches for each player.

I will be facilitating a couple sessions of Night Forest at Origins later this month, and launch a kickstarter sometime later on to fund the printing of the decks.

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