Fall of Magic Wins Awards!

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Since it’s release critics have been heaping praise onto Fall of Magic. And the excitement has spread into the awards season this year, as Heart of the Deernicorn’s notorious game on a scroll was nominated for – and won – a number of prestigious awards. Thanks to all the loyal supporters out there who have contributed to the game’s continued success.

Here’s the breakdown…

Fall of Magic was nominated for:

Diana Jones Award
IGDN – Inde Ground Breaker Award  – most innovative
Golden Geek – game of the year
Golden Geek – best art & production

Origins Award – Best RPG

Fall of Magic was awarded:

IGDN – Inde Ground Breaker Award – best art
Indie RPG Award – best production
Indie RPG Award – most innovative game

If you are one of the frustrated fans that has been trying to get your hands on Fall of Magic since the Kickstarter campaign ended in 2015, you might be afraid that this new success is gonna make the game even more rare and hard to come by. But I have some good news for you. Yes, this handmade, artisan game is labor intensive to create and there are way less of them in circulation than your average mass-produced game… but… Fall of Magic production is rockin’ and the game is no longer backordered. Yep, you read that right, Fall of Magic is available to order in all languages! 

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