Jason Morningstar – Artist Residency April 29-May 6th

Jason Morningstar, award-winning game designer of Fiasco, Night Witches, and Gray Ranks is coming to Olympia, April 30th-May 6th to do an artist in residency at Heart of the Deernicorn.

As a part of his residency Jason will be attending and facilitating a program of events open to the public.
This is an amazing an unique opportunity to learn from one of the sharpest minds in modern game design. Jason’s prolific body of work is a masterclass in tabletop and live action design techniques and the use of games to interrogate and reimagine history.
On top of all of this Jason is a generous contributor to the gaming community and has worked hard to mentor the next generation of indie designers, both through event organizing, through his publishing company, Bully Pulpit Games, and through his compassionate and thoughtful facilitation at conferences around the world.

Schedule of Events

Sunday April 29th Book Signing / Meet and Greet

Phoenix Comics and Games (Seattle, WA)

Monday April 30th
Open Game Jam 

@ HOTD Studio 6-9pm (209 4th Ave E Suite 204)

Come and bring a game to work on, or just show up and playtest other designer’s unfinished works. Everyone welcome.

Tuesday May 1st
Open Story Gaming feat: Bully Pulpit Games

@ HOTD Workshop 6-9pm (207 4th Ave E Suite)

Jason and Ross will be facilitating a selection of games from the Bully Pulpit catalog. Come try Star Crossed, Fiasco, and more…

Wednesday May 2nd
Winterhorn – Workshop and Play 






@ HOTD Workshop 6-9pm (207 4th Ave E Suite)
$10* Register at heartofthedeernicorn.com/events

A larp about federal intrusion into activist organizations where you play as the feds. Workshop to follow.

Thursday May 3th
The Fobolex Interstellar Corporate Retreat 






@ The Evergreen State College Library 6:30-8:30pm

A chaotic party game about finding your place, Q&A to follow.

Friday May 4th-6th
Future Play – Micro Conference 




@ HOTD Workshop (207 4th Ave E Suite)
$50* Register at heartofthedeernicorn.com/events

A weekend conference focusing on games that examine historical events through the lens of Sci Fi.

*diversity scholarships available

About Jason

Jason Morningstar is a game designer who lives and works in Durham, North Carolina, USA. In addition to tabletop and live action roleplaying games, he has also made games for clients like Google and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His collaborations include the #feminism collection, Fastaval nominee Old Friends with Ole Peder Giæver, and the popular Love in the TIme Of… games with Matthijs Holter.

Jason’s games have been featured at Indiecade and in the Gen Con 50th anniversary museum. He has been a guest at a variety of events, including Ropecon, Gen Con, Lucca Comics and Games, and Dragon Con. Jason was a keynote speaker at the 2016 Living Games conference.

Beyond roleplaying, Jason consults on the use of games for teaching and learning, most recently with the University of California, University of Michigan, Kaiser-Permanente Health Care, and the Innovation Learning Network.

In addition to design, Jason has written extensively on game-related topics. His articles have appeared in the anthologies Analog Game Studies, States of Play and Unframed.

About Bully Pulpit Games

Bully Pulpit Games is the creator of innovative games of outstanding quality. We specialize in making award-winning tabletop and live action games that challenge assumptions and blur boundaries.

Our game Fiasco was an instant hit, won us our unprecedented second Diana Jones Award for Gaming Excellence, and has influenced a generation of other designers. Our historical games, like Grey Ranks and Night Witches, shine spotlights onto little-known stories at the fringes of popular narratives, and allow players to experience the joy and terror of bold lives full of contemporary resonance.

Our live action games, like JUGGERNAUT and WINTERHORN, throw players into impossible situations and confront them with deliciously difficult choices, all while defying the “larp” stereotype with crisp, self-driven games that reach a satisfying conclusion in a couple of hours.

And, of course, we’re always working to explore the edges of analog gaming, whether by experimenting with new ideas about character and player agency or by mashing up well-established formats into something new and weird.

You can read more about Jason and Bully Pulpit Games at www.bullypulpitgames.com.

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