City of Winter

Publisher Note: City of Winter is currently in production and will be available for preorder January 2021.


The Umbra has come, and the Riverlands are no longer safe. Our family must flee for the City of Winter, to find another home.



City of Winter is a Story Game where we build a family saga of tradition and migration set in a world of fantasy.  

Lets break that down a bit…


This is a Story Game…

City of Winter gives us elegant rules, evocative prompts, and inspiring images to help us create a story as we play to explore characters in a world of our shared imagination. It is infinitely repayable and no two games will ever be the same. Like many Story Games, City of Winter does not need a game master or require any other materials or special preparation to play. Everything you need is in the box!


…where we build a family saga…

In City of Winter we tell a story that spans generations where the decisions we make as players define how our family changes over time. Over sessions of play our characters will grow old and pass into memory as new generations are born.

…of tradition and migration…

Play centers around the exploration of tradition. As we journey through the world of City of Winter, we will encounter varied traditions of the City represented by decks of Tradition Cards. As our characters change and grow the traditions they hold as a family change as well.

…set in a world of fantasy.

City of Winter takes place in a world of fantasy where things are possible that are not possible in our day to day lives. Use this space to imagine and discover without the restrictions we find in our day to day lives.

 The River Scroll

Our journey begins on the River Scroll which unrolls as we journey from the Riverlands to the City .

  • Scroll dimensions (minus the dowels) 60″x8.5″ inches or 1500mm x 215mm
  • Ebony Stained Wood Dowels – 12″in (304mm)
  • Hand Printed with Water-based ink
  • 100% Black Cotton Canvas
  • Black Stitched Binding
  • Herringbone stitched cotton cord


 The Map of the City

When at last we arrive at the City of Winter we unfurl the Map of the City, depicting the strange burroughs and wards that greet us.

  • 32″x27″ (81x68cm)
  • Hand Printed with Water-based ink
  • 100% Black Cotton Canvas
  • Black Stitched Binding

 Tradition Cards

There are 9 Tradition Decks representing the varied traditions we encounter in our story. Each deck consists of 24 Tradition Cards and 1 Names & Bonds Card.

The Tradition Cards contain prompts that we use to create the varied traditions of our family other people we encounter in our story.

The Names & Bonds Card are used to create new characters during play. This card also doubles as a divider that keeps your decks organized in the box.

  • 216 Cards:  3×2.25in  76x57mm
  • 310 gsm Premium Ivory Core
  • Box Insert with 10 Dividers (one for each Tradition and one for our family traditions. )

Character Tokens

Fall of Magic tokens alongside City of Winter token designs

Pictured above and in our product mockups are  the well-loved tokens we produced for our game Fall of Magic.

For City of Winter we have worked with Doug Keith to create 5 new double-sided token designs. The tokens will be manufactured to the same high standards of quality as the well-loved tokens we made for Fall of Magic and it is possible to share tokens between the games.

  • 33mm x 3mm
  • Zinc-Alloy
  • Copper, Silver and Gold Antiqued Finish
  • Double sided designs

The Atlas

Replacing the textile components in the The Atlas Edition, the Atlas is a more compact and affordable substitution for the River Scroll and Map of the City. This spiral bound Atlas contains the instructions, all the content of the River Scroll & City Map, as well as a pull-out transit map of the City.

  • 6″x9″in (152mm x 228mm)
  • 53 pages (instructions plus maps)
  • Maps printed on black paper with metallic ink accents
  • Metal wire binding
  • Pocket w/ pull-out Transit Map of the City.

 City of Winter – Scroll Edition

The best edition of City of Winter.


  • River Scroll
  • City Map
  • Character Tokens
  • Tradition Cards
  • Instructions
  • Game Box

City of Winter – Atlas Edition

Affordable and compact, the Atlas Edition substitutes the scroll and map components with this spiral bound atlas, containing the instructions, all of the locations present in the River Scroll and Map of the City, as well as a pull-out transit map of the City.


  • Spiral-Bound Atlas
  • Paper Transit Map of the City
  • Character Tokens
  • Tradition Cards
  • Magnet Flap Box


City of Winter – Digital Edition

High definition files of each and every component of the game, photographed and digitized for use in Roll20 or


  •  High Resolution Files of every component of the game
  •  Printer-Friendly Files suitable for Print and Play
  •  Free Key for City of Winter on
  • Ability to purchase a key at cost during backer checkout.


We are fortunate enough to have Doug Keith return to be the sole artist for this project. Doug has already completed over 30 illustrations for City of Winter utilizing the scratch board method. This uncommon technique involves scratching away a layer of black clay from with metal tools to reveal the white board. The resulting images are stark and luminous against the dark paper and have translated beautifully to the final prints.


Here is what to expect when you sit down to play City of Winter.

Setup & Family Creation (30 – 60 min)

During Setup, we prepare the play space, and introduce basic concepts of the game.

During Family Creation, we make some decisions about who we are as a Family and create our characters.

Play a Session (1-2 hrs)

Each time we sit down to play City of Winter we will complete one or more sessions. Here is an overview of what happens in a session.

1. New relations

At the start of each session, we each define New Relations between our characters and other members of our family.

Also during this phase, anyone who’s character has left the family in the previous session, or who is joining our ongoing campaign creates a New Child.

2. Tradition Turns

We take turns leading Scenes where we Share a tradition from our hand, or Witness a Tradition from another player. Eventually when the family is ready to leave, we all perform a Migration Scene and describe the journey to a new home.

3. Mark age

When we are ready for our session to end, we Mark age and choose anew which Traditions we now hold for the family.

Example of a Scene

 full tradition turns / mark age example


The Saga Goes On…

A Game of City of Winter may be played in a single sitting as a One Shot or over the course of many nights as a Campaign.


In a one-shot we play for for 3 or 4 hours broken up into 2 Sessions with a break in the middle. Breaking a One-Shot into 2 Sessions allows for a fuller experience of the game because there are mechanics that only happen at the beginning and end of Sessions.

In a Campaign we plan for one to two sessions each time we play. The cycle contin- ues until we decide to end with a Closing Session after which we reflect upon our experience as a group.

Want to know more? You can download the rules right now and try out the City of Winter demo with your friends via Screentop!

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