Apocalypse World


What do you do to survive? 

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Published by Lumpley Games
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Apocalypse World is the award-winning and critically acclaimed game by Meguey & Vincent Baker that launched the Powered by the Apocalypse school of rpg design, kicking off a revolution in tabletop RPGs. 

Apocalypse World is a gritty narrative focused RPG about characters surviving in a post-apocalyptic setting. The apocalypse happened 50 years ago, the nature of the catastrophe is co-created by the players as they build the details of their unique world and find out what their characters do to survive. You’ll play characters with agency and vision: the leader of a bike gang, an untouchable gun lugger, the head of a post-apocalyptic stronghold, and more.

There are no preplanned adventures or settings for Apocalypse World. Instead there are clear agendas and principles to build our own apocalypse and play to find out what happens. The apocalypse is here; visionaries and protectors, battles and bullets, and the world’s psychic maelstrom pressing in at the edge of perception. What are you going to make of what’s left of the world?


Components and Details

  • Soft cover black and white book, 305 pages
  • PDF Included

Number of players: 3-5
Style: GM & Dice, low prep, Powered by the Apocalypse



Playbooks, moves sheets, and MC sheets (pdf) 
The extended playbooks (pdf) 

Publisher Content Note
In addition to horror, violence, and adult themes, Apocalypse World includes sexual content, including implicit discussions of consent and power dynamics in romantic and sexual relationships. If you’d like to review this content before you buy, please download the playbooks for free above, and if you’re sensitive to sexual triggers, please proceed with care.

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