Bad Baby Lich Lords (Coming Soon)

A competitive card game. Flip cards. Raise the dead.


Your Father, the Lich King, has grown weary of his kingdom, and slain all living things so he may slumber in peace. You and your Bad Baby Lich Lord siblings are terribly bored, with nothing but piles of skeletons to keep you company.

To wake Father and win his attention, you must invoke your dark powers, wrangle your unruly minions, squabble with your siblings, and MAKE SOME NOISE!

  • A competitive card game for 1-4 players.
  • Flip those cards to raise the dead! 100+ double sided cards designed by award winning artist Taylor Dow.
  • Choose from 4 unique factions.
  • Utilize fast-paced combo play and set collection to score on realms and wake the Lich King.


Wanna get involved?

Join the Beta Discord to playtest the game



“Wow. So good. What a great balance of flexibility and strategic space with simplicity and ease of understanding.” —  Juror,  Seattle Indies Expo 2022

“The balance between strategic thinking, messing with your opponent, and random chaos landed in a real sweet spot for me. — Juror, Seattle Indies Expo 2022


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