Bad Baby Lich Lords

A competitive card game of necromancy and sibling rivalry for 2-4 players


Bad Baby Lich Lords is a fast-paced competitive card game of necromancy and sibling rivalry for 2-4 players.

Lich siblings battle it out in this competitive card game inspired by your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Flip double-sided skeleton cards to raise the dead and activate their powers. Cast dark spells. Wrangle your unruly minions and set off chain reactions and combos. Collect sets of minion cards to meet the requirements to score on realms. Be the first player to make enough noise to wake up the sleeping Lich King!

Featuring over 100+ double-sided cards with full art by award winning artist Taylor Dow.

Choose from 4 factions with unique abilities.

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“Bad Baby Lich Lords has tight tactical play, a lot of variety, and unexpected emergent game situations. It also has a great look and sense of humor — I look forward to playing it more!” – Richard Garfield (designer of Magic The Gathering)

“So easy to pick up, and its unique crunchy mechanics lead to a strong give and take with oh-so satisfying combo chains. It’s one of the freshest, most clever two player card games in a long while” – Sara and Colin Northway (designers of I Was A Teenage Exocolonist)

2022 Seattle Indies Expo
-Official Selection –
Juror Feedback:
“The balance between strategic thinking, messing with your opponent, and random chaos landed in a real sweet spot for me…I want to play more”
“Wow. So good.”
“The must-take-every-action elements leads not only to some funny self owns, but also gently tutorializes the openness of the strategic possibilities”

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