Band of Blades


A roleplaying game about military action, desperate missions, and survival against all odds

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Band of Blades is a tabletop roleplaying game that puts players in the shoes of the surviving members of the Legion, a once-storied band of mercenaries who are now fighting for their lives against the armies of the undead. Powered by the popular Blades in the Dark system, this dark military fantasy game offers a unique mix of tactics, bold missions, battles against undead, horrific magics, and soldiers fighting for, dying for, and caring for each other. We play to find out if the Legion survives the undead hunting them and their Chosen—a human imbued with the divine spark of a god—and if they can manage to make a difference in the war.

In Band of Blades, players will take on the roles of commanders, spies, quartermasters, and more as they undertake dangerous missions. With the Cinder King and his undead horde relentlessly pursuing them, players must use their wits, strategy, and tactics to stay one step ahead of the enemy and keep their soldiers alive. The game offers a fully-developed setting, complete with maps, NPCs, and story hooks with enough material to fuel multiple unique long-term campaigns.

The army advancement system provides a sense of progression and growth for the Legion, making each victory feel earned and rewarding. With its focus on survival and resource management, the game offers an extra layer of strategy coupled with strong narrative gameplay.

Beautifully designed with gorgeous artwork and detailed lore, Band of Blades is a captivating and immersive game that will appeal to fans of dark fantasy. Join the bloody band of blades and see if you have what it takes to survive the horrors of the Cinder King’s undead army!



  • Hardcover book with black & white interior, 464 pages
  • PDF included with purchase

Number of players: 3-6. Campaign play.
Style: Forged in the Dark (inspired by Blades in the Dark). GM & Dice.
Creators: John Leboeuf-Little and Stras Acimovic



“I really really like Band of Blades. It manages to be granular and personal and dramatic, but it also offers a grand sense of scale that is not necessarily very easy to capture in a pen and paper roleplaying game.” – Dicebreaker review



Playbooks – black and white (PDF) 
Playbooks – color (PDF) 


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