Between Clouds


A colorful, biopunk tabletop RPG about a family of misfits and their beloved flying beast.

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Published by Andi Makes Games
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro

Between Clouds is a colorful, biopunk, tabletop RPG about a family of misfits navigating the open skies atop their beloved flying beast. Life among the clouds revolves around the Kirin, oversized animals that possess volatile genetics and the gift of flight. The presence of these creatures can strengthen entire ecosystems, yet humans poach the Kirin to keep their airborne cities aloft. With an uninhabitable surface below, humanity must learn to coexist with the flora and fauna of their airborne realm or perish.

In Between Clouds players assume the role of Symbiotes, rare outcasts who have formed unbreakable bonds with a Kirin. Few are ever approached by the flying beasts, and fewer still head the call. Those who do lead nomadic lives. They travel across Empyrea atop their airborne companions, making allies and enemies along the way, all while striving to help those in need and protect the wild Kirin that they encounter. Symbiotes are transformed by their Kirin, being granted bestial mutations and biological powers as a result of their bond.

A group of Symbiotes bound to a single Kirin is referred to as a family, usually consisting of three to five members. In their former lives most Symbiotes were rejected by society for being too unusual, but with their found Family each person can find a sense of community and belonging that allows them to truly flourish. As a group, the Symbiotes must rely on each other and their Kirin to succeed. To carry the family, Kirin are equipped with a saddle, a mobile home that Symbiotes use to travel, eat, and rest.

Between Clouds takes place in the atmosphere of a dying planet, known as Empyrea. Centuries ago, ecological disaster and an otherworldly being destroyed the surface, rendering it entirely uninhabitable. Now, the remaining people of Empyrea live in the open skies. Threats from beneath the clouds are more present than ever, and populations must put as much distance between themselves and the surface as possible.

Between Clouds is made using a modified version of Free League’s Year Zero game engine. Pools of six-sided dice are used to determine the outcome of each action, with each 6 being a success. A token system of Unity Points is used to represent the family’s bond, and encourages the players to seek each other’s support to overcome adversity.


In this stand-alone game, you’ll find:

  • Nine character roles including the Fisher, Captain, Scoundrel, and more
  • Rules to create your own unique Kirin and saddle
  • Procedural travel across 9 distinct biomes, with random encounters, events, and weather
  • A system of Unity, Equipment, and Wild Points that encourages creativity and cooperative play
  • Gorgeous, full-color art depicting the lives of Symbiotes, Kirin and people across Empyrea



  • A rich, full-color book. 210 pages.
  • PDF included with purchase

Number of players: 3-6.
Style: GM & dice. Modified Year Zero Game Engine.
Creators: Art, writing, design, and illustration by Andi Licht. Editing by Colin Chapman.



Between Clouds Playkit & Character Sheets – Playkit Download
Between Clouds World Map – Download



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