BFF! – Best Friends Forever


Girlhood, friendship, and adventure

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A heartwarming game where players take on the roles of a group of tween girls hanging out, having adventures, and exploring how friendships change and grow. Play within minutes of opening the box. The Hangout Guide provides a tactile backdrop for all your adventures as you use card prompts to create scenes and trade charms with your friends. Don’t forget to sign the yearbook at the end of each session!

BFF! is a fun and surprisingly powerful rpg, perfect for kids or adults looking to reimagine their tweendom while forming real connections and friendships at the table. Recommended for ages 10+, this is a GM-less game for up to 6 players. 

BFF! is designed by Terri Cohlene and Ross Cowman with art by Veta Bahktina and Taylor Dow.

The overworld map in the Hangout Guide


Boxed Set

  • 17 Friend standees
  • 50+ Charms, 6 Charm Bracelets, and Charm Box
  • Hangout Guide
  • Friendship Cards
  • Six–Sided Die

Roll20 Edition

  • Activation key for the BFF! web app on
  • Everything you need to play BFF! online
  • MP3 of the BFF Theme Song “Best Friends” by Adventure Time Composer Ashley Ericksson


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Free Rules Download available above


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