CBR+PNK: Augmented


A tabletop RPG for one-shot sessions in the cyberpunk genre

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Published by Mythopoeia
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro

CBR+PNK (Cyber plus Punk) is a tabletop RPG for one-shot sessions in the cyberpunk genre. You play as a team of runners — mercs, criminals, activists living on the edge and running in the shadows of a gritty, ultraviolent world — on their last run. CBR+PNK features a minimalist version of the acclaimed Forged In The Dark system spread across 12 double-sided four panel pamphlets.

CBR+PNK: Augmented includes everything you need to play as well as six unique add-ons to customize your game.

  • [FRAMEWORK] contains all the steps and inspiration you need to build your own CBR+PNK /RUN.
  • +WEIRD makes your dystopian world a little brighter and stranger by injecting magic and psionics that work side by side with tech.
  • PRDTR is a complete search & rescue scenario with a relentless, adaptable hunter on the character’s track. Inspired by films like Predator, Annihilation and Firebase.
  • Mind The Gap is a fast-paced /run ideal for introducing both players and GMs to the system, easily scalable for more experienced participants. Comes with high-quality scenario voice lines (linked below).
  • Cyberpunk Hunters is a /plugin that provides premade HUNTERS (operatives focused on taking down the characters) for your CBR+PNK /runs.
  • Mona Rise: Megalopolis is a scenario that features an urban complex controlled by three megacorps with plenty of dirty work to be done.


  • One GM guide, 5 dry-erase runner files and 6 supplements. Total of 12, eight-panel pamphlets

Number of players: 2-5.
Style: GM & dice. Uses a streamlined Forged in the Dark system originated by Blades in the Dark
Creator: Emanoel Melo



Polygon’s Best Indie Roleplaying Games of 2021

“Emanoel Melo’s lean and mean CBR+PNK earns its place… my favorite way to engage with this particular style of genre fiction.”  – Polygon 



CBR+PNK – Google Sheets Runner Files
CBR+PNK – Creator Toolkit
CBR+PNK – Mind the Gap PA Announcements

Example of Play – CBR+PNK | WOND3RLAND Actual Play

Publisher Content Warning:
This game touches sensitive topics like violence, oppression, cybernetic implants and substance abuse. Because of that, it is intended for mature players, with mutual trust and safety tools in place (e.g. the X-card, Lines & Veils and Open Door).


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