City of Winter


A roleplaying game featuring a fantastical family saga played across handmade maps

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City of Winter

The Umbra is coming, and the Riverlands are no longer safe. Our family must flee to the City of Winter to find another home.

A roleplaying game about a fantastical family saga and immigrant experience.
Create members of a family and journey together through the strange world. Elegant rules, evocative prompts, and inspiring images help guide your unique story. Family members will age and die, traditions will be passed from one generation to the next, and you will encounter new traditions that change your family over time. City of Winter captures the refugee and immigrant experience in a fantastical and magical setting.

The game is played across two intricate and beautiful canvas maps: The River Scroll and The City Map. You’ll use the Tradition Cards and narrative prompts to tell the story of your family as they flee from the Riverlands to the City of Winter. One-shot or campaign play. No game master. Completely collaborative. A spiritual successor is the beloved Fall of Magic.



The maps and cards for City of Winter are made completely by hand in our workshop with 100% cotton canvas, artisan quality paper, and vivid water-based inks. We cut, screen print, sew, and hammer every nail. The stunning immersive components look like objects you’d find in the world of the game.


Editions & Details

Number of Players: 2-5.
Style: GMless, No Prep
Creators: Designed by Ross Cowman. Illustrated by Doug Keith.

Scroll Edition

The original edition of the game featuring two handmade maps.

  • River Scroll (1 x 5 ft)
  • City Map (2 x 2.5 ft)
  • 250 handmade Tradition Cards
  • 5 metal tokens and 1 die
  • Wandering Borough Card
  • 10 Tradition Banners
  • Instructions Booklet

Atlas Edition

The Atlas Edition replaces the two textile maps with a spiral bound paper notebook. Includes all other components from the Scroll Edition: coins, instruction booklet, and set of 250 handmade cards. The Atlas is a more compact version of the original game. Comes with a carrying bag made from repurposed City of Winter canvas.

Digital Edition

Includes both the online version and Print and Play versions of City of Winter. Created specially by Deernicorn to emulate the experience of the physical game in an easy to use format. Only one key per group is necessary to play online.

  • Screentop.gg activation key
  • Print and play Tradition Cards
  • PDF of the Atlas
  • Digital instructions
  • Assets for virtual table top


Press & Acclaim

“Stunning” – Dicebreaker

“City of Winter makes beautiful hand-made maps the center of the TTRPG experience” – Polygon

“I cried 20 minutes into the game. It’s an incredibly moving object…It’s unbelievable. My go-to example for when people ask ‘well, why do we need new mechanisms?'” – Cole Wehrle, creator of Root and Oath

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 4.5 × 3 in

Scroll, Digital, Scroll + Digital, Atlas

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