Curios: Jasper Park


An infectious horror mystery experience told through missing persons reports, diary entries, and recovered footage.

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Published by Good Luck Press
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro

Curios: Jasper Park is an investigative horror mystery experience told over a series of missing persons reports, diary entries, and recovered footage.

The natural world has much to offer us: beauty, challenge, and sometimes danger. For those that foray out into the darkest parts of forests and mountains, some never come back. The search for those that disappear without a trace is long and arduous, especially when the missing don’t want to be found.

A regular backcountry camping trip goes wrong when some of the seven campers begin acting abnormally. The events that unfold leading up to their disappearance are clouded in mystery. The secrets lie in the recovered evidence left behind at their abandoned campsite; a diary, voicemails, and photos tell a story of a creeping dread surrounding these campers until they flee their campsite in the middle of the night.

As a researcher for the Archive, read through the reports, analyze the photos and footage. Create a timeline of the disappearances and the sightings of the missing campers over the years. Explore the connection between the missing campers and the covert quarantine taking place in Jasper Park. Most importantly, can you find out who or what visited the campers just before they disappeared?




  • One case file (which contains: 6 investigation reports, 3 witness transcripts, recovered memo and text message transcripts, a recovered diary, 5 recovered photographs, a letter of warning, 10 trail cam stills, a secretive memo, and a cryptically annotated map)
  • Packaged in a printed 9” x 12” wire clasp closure envelope
  • Digital edition included

Number of players: One
Style: Investigative solo play through letters, photos, and ephemera
Creators: Created by Seb Pines. Editing by Will Jobst.


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