Fall of Electricity – Digital


“An echo of a former age swims into view: a second Seattle out in the great dust, cloyingly nostalgic. So the band piles into their car to find it. Two humans, two instruments, like four blood cells being pumped through the heart of the American dreamland.”
Designed by Jackson Tegu.



Fall of Electricity is a surreal exploration of the american dreamscape through the lens of a touring math rock duo, and their somehow sentient instruments. Jackson Tegu authored this “alternative” take on Fall of Magic in support of Fall of Electricity’s album kickstarter.

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Digital Edition Includes

  • FOE The Return of Grunge: Print and Play Files
  • FOE The Return of Grunge: Online Play Files
  • FOE – The Grunge Era (Full Length Album) mp3 and high fidelity wav
  • Sharp Teeth Interview with Band (PDF)

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