Fall of Magic: Songs from the Axe and Fiddle


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Songs from the Axe and Fiddle presents a collection of brand-new ways for you to explore the world of Fall of Magic.

Each “Song” includes a new introduction, names, titles, setup, and prompts that focus on a particular character, or part of the world. Use them as a introduction to a longer Fall of Magic game, play them in sequence, or play them between sessions of your regular game of Fall of Magic.

The four Songs included in this collection are:

  • Song of the Fugitive
  • Song of the Swineherd
  • Song of the Deep
  • Song of the Stormwing
Each song features a new illustration by Taylor Dow!

This example of play shows how a few small changes to the setup and rules of the game can create a totally fresh experience while still feeling like Fall of Magic.

In this playtest (kindly organized by Eric Vulgaris!) we follow the story of Tulley the Jester, Lorelei the Convict, and Graves, the Last of the Knights, as they set out to capture a dangerous Fugitive who has fled the Court of Swords.


The Zine itself will features a hand screen printed cover, manufactured in the same workshop where we make Fall of Magic in Olympia, Washington. The Zine is about the same dimensions as the island cards and will fit comfortably inside of the Fall of Magic box, or tucked into the Fox Case.



Manufacturing Specs:

  • 16 pages
  • Hand screen printed cover
  • Saddle Stapled
  • Single color digital interior
  • Natural paper stock with a linen finish.
  • Manufactured by Heart of the Deernicorn in Olympia
  • 7×4″ in finished dimensions

Fall of Magic is a tabletop role playing game where we play a group of travelers on a fantastic journey of magic and self-discovery.

The game comes on a  hand screen printed scroll, 5’ in length that unrolls as we travel revealing perilous roads, strange hosts, and fantastic locals.

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