Fedora Noir


A game about a Detective and their Hat

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Published by Less Than Three Games
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro

Fedora Noir is a collaborative roleplaying game of corruption, loyalty, passion, and betrayal, told in the style of a film noir. Players take on the roles of the Detective, their Partner, their Flame – and their Hat, the Detective’s sharp mind and inner voice. Together, players explore the Detective’s messy life against the backdrop of a difficult case.

Designed for a quick and easy start, and featuring a chapter structure that guides you through the arc of a classic detective movie, you can begin your game in minutes and tell a unique story each time you play.

The Detective role-plays a private eye on a case, narrating their actions and speech.

The Hat narrates the Detective’s thoughts, memories, and feelings, they provide a voiceover for the story in classic film noir fashion.

The other players play characters important to the Detective’s life – their Partner and their Flame. With a few simple set-up questions, you create a wealth of personal conflict for the Detective and the people in their life. People who can help the Detective. Or betray them.



  • Boxed set. 84 full color tarot-sized cards.
  • Digital PDF with purchase

Number of players: 4 players exactly, 2-4 hours
Style: No GM. No Prep. No Dice.


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