A game about working together or falling apart

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Published by Lame Mage Productions
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro


Follow is designed to be easy to learn and easy to play. For 3-5 players, no GM and no preparation. All the steps are clearly and carefully laid out to make the game accessible to everyone — even if you’ve never seen a role-playing game before. If you have some people and time, you’re ready to play. Created to be a reliable tool in your arsenal, a game you can pull out and play at a moment’s notice. 

Play characters working together to achieve a common goal: your quest. The quest you pick decides the kind of game you’ll play. You could start a rebellion, cure a disease, slay a dragon (or a cat), or get your candidate elected. If it’s something people can work together to accomplish, it could be a quest.
Pick your quest, assemble your fellowship, and then face the challenges that stand in your way. Can our characters stay united and succeed, or will our differences tear us apart? Do you follow the plan….or follow your heart?



  • Soft cover – black and white book, 92 pages
  • Digital PDF included with purchase

Number of Players: 3-5
Style: No GM, No Prep.



“Follow is a masterpiece of design goals fulfilled as intended.” – Roll Plus Hot


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