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Join us in Olympia, August 29th through September 1st for a small conference of outdoor games curated by award-winning game designer Jeeyon Shim. Attendance limited to 30 people.

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Forest play is a 3 day conference in Olympia, Washington for 30 participants taking place August 29th through September 1st and featuring the work of award-winning game designer and land-skills educator: Jeeyon Shim.

Scholarship Opportunity

Thanks to generous donations made by attendees we can offer a limited number of full and half scholarships to make it easier for people with marginalized identities to attend our events. If you would like to apply for a full or half scholarship please send an email with your request to [email protected].

Jeeyon Shim

Jeeyon Shim is an award-winning game designer, and outdoor educator who lives and works in Oakland, California where she teaches land skills and works to help  through LARPing, and she designs the breadth of her work to guide players into (re)connecting with the natural world.

In 2017 she won the Indie Game Developer Network (IDGN) Metatopia Diversity Scholarship, and in 2019 she will be the keynote speaker for Big Bad Con. She guest authored the forward on race and racism for Monsterhearts 2 alongside James Mendez Hodes and Ciel Sainte-Marie. Her game “Pin Feathers//Cloud Studies” was included on the 2018 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Nebula Award Reading List.



About the Games

First Lesson is a solo LARP about being near or in the water. You play a creature of the sea (selkie, mermaid, or siren) whose divestment from their home and preternatural form is the starting point of the game. Playing near or in the bodies of water specified in the game (the sea, a community pool, a hot bath with Epsom salt) are essential to the immersive experience. First Lesson calls to mind feelings of cleansing, baptism, and letting all things return to the sea. Tone: cleansing, healing, reflective
Night Forest is a ritual game where you and your friends play memories on a journey of self-discovery; moving through the forest by candlelight and forming new connections with each encounter.
Your Dead Friend: A short, elegaic LARP for two players about the grief and beauty of impermanence as reflected through your connection to each other and to the natural world around you, witnessed on your final walk together. Tone: warm, intimate, melancholy
Grog: “You are a golem being unmade by your creator in the wake of something neither of you can take back. Once the spirit of life passes over your tongue you will draw your first breath anew.” A solo LARP that explores atonement, connection, and rebirth. Tone: quiet, solemn, meditative
Pin Feathers // Cloud Studies: A LARP diptych for a solo player about pain, transformation, and healing. “Pin Feathers” and “Cloud Studies” were both listed in the SFWA’s 2018 Reading List for the Nebula awards in their game writing category.


Schedule of Events

(Subject to change.)

Thursday August 28th

5:30-9pm  at Heart of the Deernicorn (pre-conference)

Story Game Hangout: Join our regular story game night at Heart of the Deernicorn . This is a pre-conference free event.

Friday August 29th

5pm Introduction at Heart of the Deernicorn 

6-10pm Evening At Maytown Quarry

Play: First Lesson (involves entering a body of water)

Play: Night Forest

Saturday August 30th

9-12 pm:  Morning at Mission Creek
Orientation: Land walk
Workshop: How to Not be Noticed
Play: Eagle Eye
Noon-1 pm: Lunch Break
(Eat at San Francisco Bakery is nearby, or bring a sack lunch.)
1-3 pm: at Mission Creek
Play: Your Dead Friend
3-5 pm: Dinner Break
5-7 pm: at Heart of the Deernicorn
Presentation:  Design and Play of Solo LARP
Play: Grog

Sunday September 1st

10-1pm: at Priest Point Park
Orientation: Land walk
Workshop: Why do people walk like people?
Play: Firekeeper
1-2pm Lunch Break
(Bring a sack lunch, some snacks provided)
2-5pm at Priest Point
Presentation: Land skills through LARPing
Activity: Silent Sit / Sit Spot
Play: Pin Feather//Cloud Studies
5pm at Heart of the Deernicorn
Event debrief
Closing circle

Venues and Accessibility Notes

Maytown Quarry is a flooded gravel quarry, now owned by the county and used by locals as a swimming hole. Getting there requires crossing over railroad tracks and walking about a quartermile along an unpaved path. You may want to swim so bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet.
Mission Creek is a forested park in the heart of east olympia neighborhood. Walking distance from the San Francisco Street Bakery, a convenience store, and Ross’s mom’s house. There will be mosquitos there this time of year so bring bug spray.
Priest Point is a city park with beach access to the puget sound. There are the paths are well maintained forest trails.
Heart of the Deernicorn is a event space and games workshop located in downtown Olympia at 207 4th ave E. It is located on a ground floor and is reachable by greyhound and public transportation.


Weather Advisory

Summer weather this time of year averages in the mid to high 70s. It could rain so bring a rain coat and shoes that you are comfortable walking through a muddy forest in.

Liability Disclaimer

Participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver to attend Forest Play. Attendees are asked to please use common sense and do not do anything that feels uncomfortable or unsafe.

Community Agreement

We ask all attendees to agree to the following:

  • Respect people’s chosen pronouns
  • Ask consent before going in for a hug, or other physical contact
  • If you are asked to correct a behavior that is making someone else uncomfortable, correct the behavior and move on without making it about yourself. Resource link

Folks not adhering to this agreement may be asked to correct their behavior, participate in mediation, or leave the event at the discretion of the staff.

Getting here

Olympia is located about 50 miles south of Sea-Tac airport. You can get from Sea-Tac to Olympia by public bus (transfer at the 512 Park and Ride)  (Intercity Transit, Sound Transit), or shuttle (Capitol Aeroporter).

Places to Stay

Hotels: Governor Inn, the Doubletree Inn

Bed and Breakfast: The Marie

and there’s always Air BnB

Couchsurfing and Carpooling

Join the Heart of the Deernicorn Discord to connect with other folks coming to the con for couchsurfing and carpooling opportunities.

Additional information


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