Life on Mars – Digital


What would it be like to leave Earth behind?

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Explore what life might be like abroad the first manned mission to Mars in this tabletop story game by Ross Cowman. Life on Mars is the spiritual precursor that inspired the much loved Fall of Magic. Create a crew member and move your token around the map using the prompts to create snapshots of your crew member’s life. When we arrive on Mars, play continues with more opportunities to explore who these people are, how they relate, and how life on Mars changes them.


Digital Edition

  • English, French, and German Languages
  • Digital Tabletop Files
  • Color Print Files
  • Black and White Print Files
Play online with a virtual tabletop such as
Play online with a virtual tabletop such as

Examples of Play 

Heart of the Deernicorn: Life on Mars Example of Play 

Once Upon a Game: Life on Mars 



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