Monster of the Week


A roleplaying game about solving mysteries and hunting monsters

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Published by Evil Hat Productions
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro

Most people don’t believe in monsters, but you know the truth.
They’re real, and it’s your task to bring them down. Monster of the Week is an action-horror roleplaying game where you’ll create a team of monster hunters, investigate mysteries, and fight supernatural creatures.

Inspired by media like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and The X-Files — “monster of the week” style shows where a team of characters faces off against a new monster every episode. Each player will make a hunter character with one of fourteen possible playbooks, evocative of popular monster hunting tropes like The Chosen, The Professional, and The Monstrous. You’ll create a cohesive monster hunting team (ie. government agents, high school students, an ancient order), solve mysteries, and come face to face with all sorts of monsters.

This book contains everything you need to tackle Bigfoot, collar a chupacabra, and drive away demons.



  • Hardcover black and white book, 344 pages.
  • Digital PDF included with purchase
  • New Hard Cover Edition featuring: updates, two new playbooks, phenomena-type mysteries, and alternative weird abilities.

Number of players: 3-5.
Style: Powered by the Apocalypse, GM & Dice.
Creator: Michael Sands



The Adventure Zone – Amnesty

Amnesty: Episode 1



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