Night Forest


A ritual game of wandering memories


Night Forest is a ritual game where you and your friends play memories on a journey of self-discovery; moving through the forest by candlelight and forming new connections with each encounter. Night Forest is a tool that brings people together through the interplay of histories and present experiences, weaving a beautiful web. As we play we cultivate skills of listening, sharing and creating safe community.

Components and Details

  • Deck of memories – 45 beautiful cards.
  • Guidebook
  • Handprinted Bag (Complete Edition) – heavy black canvas with hemp draw string. Screenprinted in our Olympia WA workshop.
  • 10 candles (Complete Edition)

Number of Players: 5 or more players. All ages.
Style: Live action roleplaying


How to Play 

Night Forest is played by a group of 5 or more more people, and can be played anywhere with enough room for your group to spread out and wander; such as a park, the woods, a field, or even a large parking lot.

To play, each player receives a candle, a book of matches, and a card. The game begins as each player wanders to a spot where they find themselves alone. At this time, each player lights their candle, looks at their card, and allows the word and image to evoke a memory. The memory can be real or imagined, and may change and grow as you continue to wander and move through space.

When you come into contact with another player wandering with their card, you come together to take turns sharing your memories. While each player shares, the other witnesses in silence. When the sharing is finished, players exchange cards.

The process of wandering and sharing memories is repeated, until eventually you receive a card that you’ve seen before. When this happens, you blow out our candle and become a forgotten memory. Once forgotten, you follow the memories that remain, witnessing in silence outside of their circle of light.


The Designers 

Night Forest РDesigner Interview 

Mo Golden is the co-founder of Gold Herring, a lifestyle brand that creates immersive products to deepen people’s connection to Jewish wisdom and culture. Her background is in expressive arts, intercultural work, and experiential education.

Ross Cowman is the award-winning designer of Fall of Magic, Life on Mars, and Serpent’s Tooth. He is the creative director and general manager of Heart of the Deernicorn in Olympia, Washington.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

Complete Edition, Complete Edition – No Candles, Digital Edition, Cards + Digital Edition


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