Thousand Old Year Campfire, Or Old Morris Cave: A Continuous Use Campsite in Mammoth Cave National Park, an Excavation


Excavate a thousand year old campsite and learn its history.

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Published by Tim Hutchings
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro

This is a game designed as a regionally produced archaeology journal. In this solo game you are creating the results of an excavation of a cave mouth which has been a frequently used campsite for thousand or more years. You do this backwards, building up history from the bedrock up. You will roll a die and add dirt by drawing in your own strata chart, building the cave floor upwards over time. At some points there will be archaeological finds “uncovered”; you will operate a flowchart to learn about that find and how it came to be there.

Sample flowchart and finished strata chart:



  • 72-page soft cover black and white book
  • Includes a PDF, including printable playsheets

Number of players: Solo
Style: Solo journaling-style game
Creators: Tim Hutchings

Errata note: Figure 13 has a dagger reference that should point at Entries 9 and 10, not 8 and 9.

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