Our Haunt


A creepy-cozy ttrpg about a found family of ghosts and their haunted home

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Published by Possum Creek Games
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro


A tabletop roleplaying game about ghosts in a strange spooky found family. Tell stories that can be scary, hopeful, horrifying, or comforting.

The setting is just as important as the characters you’ll play. Describe what sweet and creepy things happen in a room of the mansion that belongs to you. There are several Rooms for you to choose from and The Haunt comes alive as we explore the themes and moods of each Room. The main characters spend time together, hide from the Living, will scare or be scared, and explore the liminal space between life and death.


Created by critically-acclaimed game designer Rae Nedjadi and built on the Belonging Outside Belonging system, inspired by games like Dream Askew/Dream ApartWanderhome, and Balikbayan: Returning Home. It’s a rules-light engine with no dice and no masters, focused around tokens and community play.

The Characters

  •  The Loved, who remains in this world hoping to find their lost love — or at least, honor their memory.
  •  The Betrayed, murdered by violent means, trapped as a ghost until they get revenge.
  •  The Faceless, who died so long ago they can barely remember their true form.
  •  The Returned, who has seen the worlds beyond death and is here to spread the word.
  •  The Doll, trapped inside the body of a doll and unable to express their true self.
  •  The Cat, or the ghost of a cat, wandering these halls among these strange humans.

Once we’ve made our characters, we’ll develop the haunted house we live in before exploring the strange and creepy world that exists around us. While we play, we’ll discover memories of our past, tussle with the living, dodge the ancient monstrosities that lurk beyond the veil, and support each other in a strange and liminal half-world.






  • Soft cover, black and white 151 pages.
  • Digital edition included with purchase

Number of players: 2-6 players. One shot or campaign. 2-4 hours per session.
Style:  Belonging Outside Belonging. No dice.
Creator: Rae Nedjadi. Art by Habil Firdaus.


Example of Play

Actual Play with CASST_Gamers



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