Inspurration: Posters for Extraordinary Cats




Designed just for Cats, each poster features an elegant pairing of image and word.  Dream your Dream, Paws and Be Grateful, Abundance: May your bowl be ever full. These universal messages invite us into the feline world, and help us to better empathize and connect with our small friends. Cats are quite sensitive to changes in their environment and will appreciate the extra attention and care put into their special places around the home.



  • 8 inspirational posters for your cat (SIZE)
  • A measurement tool built into the packaging so you can find just the right height to hang your posters!


  • 1st Place – Lacey Library Animal Video Competition 2016
  • Kickstarter – Projects We Love
  • Featured in Cat Lady Confidential
  • Feature in Seattle Magazine, “Cat Posters an Inspurration to Both Kitties and Owners” 
  • Featured in Life With Cats, “An inspurration poster might be just the thing your kitty needs” 


Want to Know More?

Visit and watch the Cat Visits video series

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × .1 in

Scroll, Digital, Scroll + Digital, Free Rules PDF

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