The Zone: Complete Edition


A surreal, play-to-lose horror roleplaying game.

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Published by Laughing Kaiju
Distributed by Deernicorn Distro



The Zone is a tabletop roleplaying game about a doomed expedition into a mysterious quarantine zone, whose center will grant one survivor their deepest wish. With 248 cards, easy-to-learn rules, and no need for a gamemaster, The Zone is the perfect way to spend an evening telling a deeply immersive and spooky tale of hubris & mutation in the dark.

  • Generate a Zone. Pick from 61 location cards from four themed decks to instantly generate a Zone. Your destination: the center, where it is said you’ll get your deepest wish.
  • Create doomed characters. Combine 24 Characters and 48 Obsession and Phobia cards to create a broken husk in minutes.
  • Direct scenes. Take turns answering prompts from a Scene deck full of beauty and horror.
  • Mutate your friends. Challenges are resolved using a deck of narrative complications which triggers the creative heart of the game: mutation.
  • Meet your fates until only one of you survives. Play-to-lose until the lucky (or unlucky) survivor makes it to the Center. Those who perish switch to playing the Zone itself, and judge the final survivor’s wish.




  • Sturdy 10¼ x 7¼ x 2″ Box
  • Operation Manual (Print + PDF)
  • Book of Mutation (Print + PDF)
  • Book of Twists (Print + PDF)
  • 144 Tarot sized (Holo foil)
  • 104 poker sized cardsIncluding
  • 24 Characters (Holo foil)
  • 48 Motivations (Holo foil)
  • 61 Locations (Holo foil)
  • 100+ Scene, Not So Easy, and Fate cards

Number of players: 1-6 players
Style: No prep, no GM, single session, cards
Creators: Raph D’Amico



“An extraordinary accomplishment, and one of the best implementations of a card game I’ve seen online.” — Jim Rossignol, formerly of Rock Paper Shotgun

“That game RULED! Creepy and weird and tense and I loved every minute of it. Gather up your friends; play to lose; play doomed monsters; get your wish to come true or don’t—this game kicks [redacted] and you should want to play it!” — Jeff Stormer, Party of One Podcast



The Zone – Character Playbooks

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