Need some help with a project? We support our community with a variety of creative services including:

  • Custom T-Shirt Printing
  • Custom Textile design and manufacturing
  • Video Production
  • Education
  • Web and App Development
  • Crowdfunding Consultation

Our past clients include: Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, Burning Wheel Inc., Thorny Games, Timbuktu 160K, Radio8Ball, Enterprise for Equity, The Evergreen State College, The Nova School, and Arbutus Folks School.

Screen Printing

With an experienced team, we can take you all the way from the initial graphic design work to the stunning final product. We use richly colored water-based ink, and can print many different items such as garments, tote bags, textiles and canvas.

Screen printing Specs and FAQ:

An average printing job is ballpark $120 per color (this includes set-up costs, ink, printing a transfer, screen burning, and the screen) plus $1.50 per color, per print. Each consecutive color adds $120 in setup costs and an additional $1.50 per print. This does not include the cost of the garment, which you can provide or we can coordinate through one of our wholesale retailers. We have wholesale accounts with many different retailers, including American Apparel.

A basic example would be a 1-color job printing of 100 shirts, which would cost approximately $270. A 3-color printing job of 100 shirts would cost around $520. This is in materials and labor, and before the cost of garments.

Estimated turnaround time to complete a basic order is 3-5 business days, which does not include shipping time or garment orders. This can fluctuate based on quantity, colors, intricacy of design, extra graphic design work needed, and around holidays or rush times. With each order we will offer you a comprehensive time statistic. Orders ship Fedex Ground. Allow 3-5 business days domestic, and a little longer for international. You must provide payment for your shipping, which varies based on the weight of the product

Additional Information:

We offer a ½ hour period of time included in your setup cost to make alterations to your existing design or artwork. This includes preparing the design to be printed on a transfer, and other minor detail changes to the artwork. Additional alteration time costs $20/half hour, or $40/hour.
We are happy to create original design work or logos for you and your prints. This work is custom work that we price with a quote based on each individual project.
At your request we will keep your screen with the original design intact for up to 1 year in the event that you would decide to place another run or order of prints. After this we recycle and reuse the screens for new projects.

Please note these specs are subject to change based on project specificity. Factors that may alter the price include but are not limited to: oversize designs, material being used for print, ink-type required or requested, time specifications.

Contact us for a quote or additional information about any of the services we offer: