Even More Tabletop Roleplaying Games for Libraries

Our long list of recommend games for use in library programming.


** =  Games designed and/or manufactured in Washington.

⧫  = Games that directly delve into complex themes such as narrative combat, violence, sexuality, or other mature content. Typically appropriate for ages 13+.


(No Game Master, No Preparation)

Ready to play story games that do not use a game master or require any preparation. Playable upon opening the box / book. These are great for use in library programming and drop-in game nights.

Light Prep

(No Game Master. Light Preparation)

Story Games that do not use a game master, but require some light preparation, such as reading rules and/or pre-printing PDF character sheets. They are well suited for library programming where there is time for light preparation and some may require minor help to get players started.


(One Player)

Tabletop roleplaying games for just one player.  Solo games use journaling and imaginative play to allow players to craft their own stories guided by the game’s framework. Solo games are rapidly growing in popularity and are ideal for library collections or gamenights, offering patrons a chance to enjoy roleplaying without social pressure.


(Game Master Required. Moderation Preparation)

Tabletop roleplaying games that require one person to act as a game master / facilitator who has read the rulebook in advance. These games require preparation, printed character sheets, and several 6-sided dice. The titles listed below are popular and may circulate well in a collection, but will require variable preparation and a facilitator for use in library programming and game nights.


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